The Persian Gulf Observer

Issue No. 1: "The Creation of Environmental Governmental Organs in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia" 

Issue No. 2: "After Rouhani's Election: Looking into Saudi Arabia's Policy towards Iran" (In Hebrew)

Issue No. 3: "Iranian Involvement in the Syrian Civil War: Transnational Pro-Iranian Shi'i Networks in Action"

Issue No. 4: "Building the First Green Mosque in the United Arab Emirates"

Issue No. 5: "The Clerical Regime at the Crossroads: Factional Politics in Iran after Ayatollah Mahdavi-Kani" (In Hebrew)

Issue No. 6: "The Mystery of Hermes: Iran alleges that it shot down an Israeli UAV over Natanz"

Issue No. 7: "Europe and America are fighting on Islam’s Territory"

Issue No 8: "The Elections in Bahrain: a Deadlock" (In Hebrew)

Issue No. 9: "Does the Jihad Movement Distress the Gulf States?"

Issue No. 10: "Higher Education is Westernizing in Gulf Cooperation"

Issue No. 11: "The Kuwait Ministry of Defence School of Languages" 

Issue No. 12: ""Green Campus": Student Protests in Iran" (In Hebrew)

Issue No. 13: ""Negligible Breakthrough": Women in Saudi Arabia voting for the first time in municipal elections" (In Hebrew)

Issue No. 14: "Iran and the Missile Dilemma"

Issue No. 15: "Ten American Marines captured by Iran- Analysis and implications" (In Hebrew).           

Issue No. 16: " The first year of the rule of King Salman bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia"

Issue No. 17: Nasrallah's threat against Haifa ammonia from getting reinforcements from Iran (in Hebrew) 

Issue No. 18: "The Ayatollahs Vote for Hillary Clinton" (Hebrew) 

Issue No. 18: "The Ayatollahs Vote for Hillary Clinton" (English)

Issue No. 19: "Statements and Dealings of American Presidential Candidates Clinton and Trump with Persian Gulf State"

Issue No. 20: " Implications of the Emergent Russian-Hezbollah Coordination in Syria" 

Issue No. 21:" Islamic Republic of Iran Textbooks Perpetuate Pahlavi Nationalism

Issue No. 22: "Iran Wants to Leverage Aleppo into a Campaign Against the Gulf States and Israel"

Issue No. 23: "American President visits and meets Arabia"

Issue No. 24: "Iran Demonstrates the Trouble with International Agreements"

Issue No. 25: "Avenging the Revenge of the Iranian Clergy" 

Issue No. 26: "Nofuzophobia - Iran's fear of Western influence: Roots and ramifications"

Issue No. 27: "A preliminary evaluation of the Iran protests: causes, characteristics, scope and responses"

Issue No. 28: "Muhammad bin Salman and the Succession Question in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Monarchies."

Issue No. 29: "Challenges and potential solutions: Should Saudi Arabia and Israel move towards energy cooperation?" 

Issue No. 30: "Is Khamenei Ruling out Dialogue with Trump?"

Issue No. 31: "Iran’s Lies – A Tool for Concealing its Policy Contradictions in Syria"

Issue No. 32: "Iranian Advances into Africa"

Issue No. 33 "Iran’s Land Route: A Strategic Threat"

Issue No. 34: "European Appeasement of Iran Endangers National Security in Europe"

Issue No. 35: "Resolving tension in the Persian Gulf won’t resolve the causes"

Issue No. 36: "Israel must expose the actions of the Iranian Foreign Ministry"

Issue No. 37: " Iran’s Transnational Terrorist Networks"

Issue No. 38: " The inevitable assignation of Al Quds General Soleimani"

Issue No. 39: "Kuwait: Between Succession Crisis and Growing Tension in the Persian Gulf"

Issue No. 40: "The Islamic Republic of Iran is in Danger"

Issue No. 41: "A 2020 vision of agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates"A 2020 vision of agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates"


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