Rare Book & Manuscript exhibition

An exhibition in the Chang Octagon of the Rare Book & Manuscript
Library of Columbia University, on view from December 19, 2012 until
March 29, 2013, showcases books and ephemera in Arabic, Armenian,
Avestan, Persian, Sanskrit, Sumerian, and Turkish, while exploring the
interdependence between the development of library resources and the
establishment of the University's Middle Eastern and South Asian
Studies programs. Its historical context is the 150th anniversary of
the birth of Richard Gottheil (1862-1936) and A. V. Williams Jackson
(1862-1937), who in the 1890s organized Columbia's first graduate
programs in Near Eastern Studies:
The exhibition is open to the public; for directions to the
Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Butler Library, 6th Floor East
535 West 114th St
New York, NY 10027, see:
http://www.columbia.edu/about_columbia/map/butler_library.htmlThe exhibition is accompanied a conference about Islamic Studies at
Columbia on January 31, 2013, in the Faculty House of Columbia University.
For the conference program, see

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