The Jewish Communities of the Persian Gulf: New Themes in Their Modern History

The Ezri Center for Iran & Persian Gulf Studies held an international colloquium titled "The Jewish Communities of the Persian Gulf: New Themes in Their Modern History" on Tuesday, the 23rd of May 2006.

The conference was held at 16:00 in The Sammy & Aviva Offer Observatory, Eshkol Tower.

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Video & Audio Recordings:   

Dr. Meir Ezri
Former Israeli Ambassador to Iran (Watch, Listen)

Prof. Amatzia Baram
Department of Middle Eastern History, University of Haifa

(Watch, Listen

First Session: The Realm of Baghdadi Jewish Entrepreneurs
Chair: Prof. Amalia Levanoni

Dr. Chiara Betta
Rethinking Baghdadi Jewish Newtworks in Shanghai (Watch, Listen)(Watch, Listen)

Prof. Gad G. Gilbar

The Sassoons in Iran, Amin al-Zarb in Hong Kong: Some Lessons(Watch, Listen

Questions from the Audience (Watch)


Second Session: Jewish-Muslim Socio-economic Relations in Late Qajar Iran
Chair: Prof. David Yeroushalmi, Tel Aviv University

Dr. Heidi Walcher
Commercial Relations and Mercantile Networks in 19th Century Isfahan(Watch, Listen)

Dr. Daniel Tsadik
 Shi'i-Jewish Relations in the pre-Constitutional Years: The Shiraz Incident of 1905(Watch, Listen)


Third Session: Cultural Aspects of Jewish Life: Iran and Iraq
Chair: Dr. Soli Shahvar, University of Haifa

Prof. Goel Cohen
The Iranian Jewish Press during the Pahlavi Period

Dr. Ronen ZeidelOnce City, Different Views: Baghdad in the Recent Writings of Sami Michael, Sasson Somekh and Salim Fatal(Watch, Listen


Concluding Remarks
Prof. Amatzia Baram (

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