The Gulf After Saddam

The Ezri Center for Iran & Persian Gulf Studies held a seminar titled "The Gulf After Saddam" on the 8th of November 2005. The seminar was held in Hebrew.


Watch online video recordings of the Seminar:
1. Dr. Noga Efrati's Lecture
2. Dr. Ronen Zeidel's Lecture
3. Prof. Joseph Nevo's Lecture
4. Prof. Yitzhak Shichor
5. Dr. Dan Schueftan's Lecture
6. Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Uzi Dayan's Lecture 


Listen online (or download) audio recordings of the Seminar:
1. Dr. Noga Efrati's Lecture   (download)
2. Dr. Ronen Zeidel's Lecture   (download)
3. Prof. Joseph Nevo's Lecture   (download)
4. Prof. Yitzhak Shichor   (download)
5. Dr. Dan Schueftan's Lecture   (download)
6. Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Uzi Dayan's Lecture   (download)


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saddam               saddam2

Dr. Onn Winckler intreducing the member of the first pannel                      Dr. Dan Shiftan disscusing the "Iranian Threat"

saddam3          saddam4 

 Guest speaker, General (Retired) Uzi Dayan, Former Chief of the Israeli National Security council, Discussing the "Iranian Threat" to Israel

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