Dr. Nirit Ofir

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Room No. 2308

Building: Eshkol Tower

Floor: 23rd

Phone: 972-5-06411304

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dr. Nirit Ofir is a research fellow at the Ezri Center for the Gulf Studies, the University of Haifa. A field researcher, an expert for liberalization and democratization processes in the Muslim world, and an interpreter for the Gulf affairs on i24 TV channel in Arabic. Her study includes special activities inside the Middle East, Africa and the Gulf countries. In addition, she created unique activities between countries without diplomatic relations. Dr. Ofir is an activist for weak populations in disaster-stricken areas.


2017 – PhD, Department of Middle Eastern History, Bar-Ilan University (Summa cum Laude)

2012 – MA, Department of Middle Eastern History, Bar-Ilan University (Thesis grade: 97)

2010 – BA, Department of Middle Eastern History, Ariel University (The President Price)


Academic Conferences:

 30/10/2018 - 31/10/2018 - 13th Annual Conference Enriching the Middle East's Economic Future,  Qatar, "Between the Papers: Modernization processes in education, budgets and challenges". 

16/4/2018- The 10th Annual Persian Gulf Studies Conference in Israel, The Ezri Center for Iran and the Gulf Studies Haifa University: “The Sudanese Community in the Gulf and It’s Links to the Illegal Hunting Industry”.

20/10/2014-The Middle East Centre St. Antony's College Oxford, Oxford: "Policy and strategy of Israel and Jordan against ISIS”.

21/8/2013 Conference MJC, Sarajevo: “Pilgrimage in the Judaism, Christianity and Islam-the water as a common symbol”.

07/14/2013 - Brigade commanders Conference, Eilat: “Jordan; Dealing with the Arab Spring Crisis".

06/07/2012 - The 36th MEISAI Conference, Bar-Ilan University: "The Revolution of the Masses: The Model of the Truncated Pyramid”.

Scholarships and prices:

2013 – The Council for higher education, Rothenstreich Scholarship for excellence Ph.D’s. research.

2013 - Bar-Ilan University, Rector Price.

2012 - Bar-Ilan University, the President’s Doctoral Scholarship.

2012- M.A-Bar-Ilan University’s adoption Scholarship for special achievements.

2011 - B.A –The German Posen Foundation Scholarship.

2010 - B.A -Ariel University, the President Price.



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